Our Favorite Kitchen Storage Ideas

Easy cutting. This pullout is so clever. It has a nice extension for chopping at counter height, and when both drawers are pulled out, you can swipe the waste directly through the hole into the bin.

Toe-kick drawers. This is such a clever solution, as if someone was looking at a kitchen and saying, ‘”Hmm, there simply must be more inches around here somewhere,” then looked down at their feet and had a light-bulb-over-the-head moment. There’s valuable space lurking beneath those lower cabinets.


These Kitchen’s Custom Storage Has a Place for Everything!

Here are some of the cooking tools, small appliances and dishware you may not need

It’s not how many drawers you have in your kitchen; it’s how they work for you

In a commercial kitchen, the cooks would have all their ingredients prepped and sitting out in nine-pans or bowls, so they can just grab and go as they turn out dish after dish. In a residential kitchen, it’s nice to have a spot for everything — silverware, utensils, foil, jars of spices, dried fruit, nuts, etc. You may not be a professional chef, but you can aspire to organize like one!

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