aQuasafe Home Water Ionizer | pH 2.8 to 11 Alkaline Water Machine | Antioxidant Potential up to -800mV | 8000L per Filter

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Brand: AquaSafe

Color: Black


  • 5 Healthy Water Options: 2 ionized alkaline and 1 hydrogen-rich, 1 non-ionized purified and 1 ionized acidic preset. pH range from 2.8 to 11, and ORP down to negative 800.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: comes with a replaceable filter, it purifies 8000L or 2113 gal of water and lasts up to a year. Filter’s usage life is shown on screen in real time so you can replace it in time.
  • Advanced 11-Electroplate Tech: 11pcs platinum coated titanium plates and Japan imported IONIC MEMBRANE, provides more efficiently electrolysis and longer working time
  • Self-Cleaning: Unit cleans itself by reversing polarity after each use and auto-plate washing itself. Easy to select the pH level with touch acrylic interface. The 3.8’’ screen clearly shows pH, ORP, water flaw, life span of filters.
  • Guarantee & Installation: 1 Years Warranty. Set it on countertop or hang to the wall near the faucet in kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Installation facilities and user manual are included for a quick installation.

Package Dimensions: 208x406x4241

Details: This attractive home water ionizer adopted 11pcs platinum coated titanium plates, is easy to set-up and operate, quickly turns tap water into healthy alkaline water or acidic water, with 5 variable water options – from pH 2.8 to 11. And this machine comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter which, depends on the quality of tap water, purifies 8,000 liters of water. You can drink fresh alkaline ionized water or purified water every day at lower cost with this aqua ionizer, and happily share the tasty water with your family and friends.

Usage of acidic water and alkaline water
—Acidic water is good for facial clean or household clean.
—Alkaline water is tasty for drinking, making tea or coffee and cooking.

1, 3.8 inch screen clearly shows pH value, ORP, water flow and filter’s usage life in real time.
2, Easy to operate with acrylic touch interface and self-cleaning function resists scaling.
3, Set it on countertop or hang to the wall. All facilities are included for a quick installation
4, Japan imported stainless steel spout, never rust, free to be bent to any direction.
5, Over-current protection ensures this device to work safely.

Voltage: 110V 50HZ
pH range: 2.8-11
OPR: up to -800mV
Usage life of filter: 8,000L
Suitable water: TDS 50 to 1200PPM
Ionizer size: 33 x 24 x 13cm
Weight: 2.5kg
Warranty: 12 months

Pls remove off the protective film from the panel, tear it from the edge of the black area, if you do mind the mist on the panel. Kindly rest assure that the machine we sell is brand new.

HYDRATE – Increase Your Ability to Stay Hydrated
ENERGIZE – Boosts Your Energy Levels
FIGHTS FREE RADICALS – Protect Your Healthy Cells
COUNTERACT BODY ACIDITY – Balance Body’s pH Levels

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