Breville BWD600SIL Sommelier Electric Decanter, Silver

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Brand: Breville

Color: Silver


  • Experience your wine at its full potential 60 times sooner with 90% pure oxygen
  • Time Efficiency: High concentration of oxygen significantly increases the efficiency of decanting (1 hour of traditional decanting equals 1 minute of the Sommelier oxygenating)
  • Carafe design for even oxygenation: Custom designed glass decanter infuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine
  • App for time recommendation: App to provide decanting time based on Country, Region, Varietal & Vintage or search the online database with 3M + wines
  • Adjustable countdown timer allows you to tailor oxygenation time to your specific vintage and varietal
  • 25 fl oz glass carafe

Package Dimensions: 203x549x4286

Details: Decanting wine just got smarter and faster.
1 minute of oxygenation in the Sommelier is equivalent to 1 hour of traditional decanting time, meaning you can enjoy your wines just minutes after opening, rather than waiting hours for traditional decanting methods to take effect.

One Hour of Decanting, Down to One
The Sommelier is a new product from Breville that revolutionizes the decanting process. 1 minute of oxygenation in the Sommelier is equivalent to 1 hour of traditional decanting.

The Sommelier Uses 90% Pure Oxygen
The specially designed decanter sends 90% pure oxygen through its center column and into its base allowing oxygen to access every precious drop of wine, rather than just contact through the surface.

Hand Finished Oxygenating Carafe
The unique carafe controls the oxygen flow up through the wine and fills the carafe. This evenly exposes all the wine to the oxygen, not just the surface.

Chemical Free
Air contains all kinds of impurities like moisture, dust, odors that can taint the flavor of wine after a long exposure. The Sommelierâ„¢ uses a chemical free process to remove most of these impurities.

An Extra Dimension to Your Spirits
If the mood takes you the Sommelier isn’t just for wine, also available is a smaller 200mL glass decanter. Perfect for breathing life into your favorite whiskys or cognacs. Construction Materials:Brushed Stainless Steel base,Hand made Glass Carafe .

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