Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD, 2nd Edition-Revised and Updated: Tips and Tools to Help You Take Charge of Your Life and Get Organized

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Author: Pinsky, Susan

Edition: Revised, Updated

Number Of Pages: 208

Release Date: 01-06-2012

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Organizing Solutions for People with ADD, 2nd Edition outlines new organizing strategies that will be of value to anyone who wants to improve their organizational skills. This revised and updated version also includes tips and techniques for keeping your latest technologies in order and for staying green and recycling with ease.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are prevalent in society today, afflicting about 4.4% of the adult population—over 13 million Americans. Four out of every five adults do not even know they have ADD.

The chapters, organized by the type of room or task, consist of
practical organizing solutions for people living with ADD:

At work: prioritizing, time management, and organizing documents
At home: paying bills on time, decluttering your house, scheduling and keeping appointments
With kids: driving them to various activities, grocery shopping and meals, laundry, babysitters, organizing drawers and closets
And you: organizing time for your social life, gym, and various other hobbies and activities

Color photographs that capture the short attention span of the reader are featured throughout, as well as
sidebars and testimonials from adults with ADD, providing numerous organizational tips, such as the importance of dividing time into minutes or moments, task completion, how to avoid procrastination, asking for help, and how not to be a pack rat.

Get your life in order with this witty and sympathetic guide to organization. 


“Pinsky brings real-life experience to her topic. Not only is she a professional organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, but she is also the parent of a child with attention deficit disorder (ADD). These two roles led to her creating simplified organizational systems specific to the needs of those with ADD. The book’s first section explains her organizational methods; the second targets specific areas, rooms, or events that are common to almost everyone and typically present a challenge to organize and keep organized. Pinsky uses an abundance of before-and-after color photographs as well as yellow Post-its®–styled notes to highlight tips for organization. Her organizational philosophy can apply to everyone, not just those with ADD. This book is easy to read, and the pictures clearly depict the look of organization. Highly recommended for all public libraries.”

– Library Journal

About the Author

Susan C. Pinsky is a top professional organizer and author of Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD and The Fast-and-Furious 5 Step Organizing Solution. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), as well as NAPO New England. She lives in Acton, Massachusetts, with her husband and three children. You can find her online at

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Unruly Cooking Utensils
“My cooking utensils always seem to be in a disorganized jumble in my kitchen drawers.”
Cooking utensils must have their own home, all to themselves, somewhere convenient to both the sink and stove. Start your organizing project by evicting any intruders (rubber bands, pens, etc.) from your cooking utensils’ current home. Next, go through your utensils and eliminate duplicates, rarely-to-never-used items, and impulse purchases. How many wooden spoons do you really need? (Answer: one. I know it might be dirty when you need to use it, but don’t you have a sink?) Do you need all of those old, chewed-up spatulas? Are you likely to use that candy thermometer again?
Now that you have pared down your possessions, consider storing your utensils in something other than a drawer. Too many utensils in a drawer fit awkwardly, bunching up and rattling, so the drawer itself is difficult to open because the ladle is having relations with the potato masher. Store them instead in a carou


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