Trend DWS/KIT/H Essential Diamond Sharpening Kit

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Brand: Trend Enterprises

Color: Essential Sharpening Kit


  • DIAMOND SHARPENER: For chisels, plane irons, pocket and kitchen knives, or carbide and high-speed steel inserts
  • BENEFITS: To maintain, sharpen, and polish tools
  • VERSATILE: Compact and simple designs allow easy use in the shop or in the field to hone, refine, and sharpen your tools.Lapping fluid size:3.4 fl.oz
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Use diamond sharpening stone kit with Trend lapping fluid to prevent clogging or rusting, assist in keeping tools clean, and validate five-year warranty
  • INCLUDES: Bench stone; lapping fluid; leather strop; honing paste; cleaning block; catalog; breaking-in instructions; booklet; aluminum case

Details: The Trend Essential diamond sharpening kit contains the Trend flagship double sided 300 Coarse/1000 grit fine 8 x 3-inch bench stone, 100 ml bottle of lapping fluid, leather strop, mirror finish honing paste, cleaning Block, catalog, breaking-in instructions, and a sharpening booklet, all packed in a heavy-duty aluminum case. The aluminum case has spare room for the addition of a second 8 x 3-inch bench stone. With everything you need to keep a sharp edge on your tools, this sharpening kit will get you back to doing the work that you love in no time.


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